Keep Your Le Creuset Cookware Looking Like New with These Cleaning Tips

Le Creuset cookware is a beloved kitchen essential among home chefs and chefs. Renowned for its durability, versatility, and vibrant colors, it’s no wonder why so many people invest in this high-quality cookware set. However, with regular usage the exterior of Le Creuset cookware can become stained or dirty, detracting from its beautiful appearance. Fortunately, cleaning Le Creuset cookware is a relatively straightforward process that doesn’t necessitate special equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll give you tips and tricks to keep your Le Creuset cookware looking its best. Whether you need help removing stubborn stains or simply want to maintain its shine, we have got everything you need – so let’s get started!

How to Clean Outside of Le Creuset Cookware

To clean the outside of Le Creuset cookware, first, rinse off any food or debris with warm water and a soft sponge. Then create a mixture of 1/4 cup baking soda and 1-quart warm water in a bowl. Dip the sponge into this mixture and wipe down all sides, including the handle and lid knob, to remove any dirt or grease from the surface.

Cleaning guide for Le Creuset Cookware

Rinse again with fresh water before drying completely with a clean cloth. If there are stubborn marks on your cookware, use white vinegar instead of baking soda when creating your cleaning solution for more effective results. For best care, avoid using abrasive sponges or steel wool as these can damage your cookware’s enamel coating over time.

#Step 1: Gather up all of your supplies. You will need a non-abrasive scrubbing pad, dish soap, and warm water in a bucket or sink.

#Step 2: Wet the cookware with some warm water and then add a few drops of dish soap to the surface.

#Step 3: Use the non-abrasive scrubbing pad to gently scrub away any dirt or debris that may be on the exterior of your cookware. Make sure not to use too much pressure as this can cause scratches or damage to Le Creuset’s enamel finish.

#Step 4: Rinse off all of the soapy residues from your cookware using clean water until no more suds remain on its surface.

#Step 5: Dry off your Le Creuset cookware using a soft cloth or paper towel and store it in an area away from direct sunlight for best results.

How to Clean Outside of Enameled Cast Iron

To clean the outside of an enameled cast iron pot or pan, use a damp cloth and mild dish soap to wipe away any dirt or residue. If there is stubborn food that won’t come off easily, then you can scrub gently with a non-abrasive sponge or nylon brush. Once the surface is clean, rinse with warm water and dry it immediately with a soft cloth. To prevent rusting, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the exterior after cleaning and drying.

How to Clean Le Creuset Burnt

The right way to clean Le Creuset burn is to first use a non-abrasive sponge or brush and warm soapy water to remove the burnt food particles. Next, use a mild abrasive cleaner such as baking soda or coarse salt mixed with some water on any particularly stubborn spots. Finally, rinse your cookware thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth before storing it.

Le Creuset Exterior Discoloration

Le Creuset cookware is known for its durability and ability to withstand high temperatures, but one downside is that the exterior of the pots may become discolored over time. This occurs when oils, fats and other cooking byproducts build up on the enamel surface and can be difficult to remove without using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. To prevent discoloration from occurring in the first place, it’s important to make sure your Le Creuset cookware is cleaned thoroughly after each use and stored properly.

How to Clean Outside of Dutch Oven

When cleaning the outside of a Dutch oven, it is important to use a gentle cleaner. A mild soap and warm water solution should be all you need to remove dirt or stains on the exterior surface. If necessary, you can also use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub away any stubborn spots. After washing, rinse off any remaining soap residue with clean water and dry thoroughly before using again.

How Do You Clean the Outside of an Enameled Pan?

To clean the outside of an enameled pan, start by wiping it down with a soft cloth and warm water. If there are greasy stains on the surface, you can make a paste out of baking soda and water to scrub away any tough spots. For tougher stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner such as Bar Keeper’s Friend or Bon Ami.

Rinse off the cleaning solution after using either product and dry thoroughly before storing your pan. Additionally, if you want to restore shine to your enameled pans, you can use a specialized product made specifically for this purpose like Flitz Metal Polish & Restorer or Dracko Silver Cleaner & Polisher.

How Do I Get Brown Stains off My Le Creuset?

To remove brown stains from your Le Creuset cookware, you should begin by filling the pot or pan with warm water and adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Let this soak for 10 minutes. Afterwards, use a soft sponge to gently scrub the affected areas in circular motions until all of the stain is removed.

Finally, rinse off any remaining soap residue and dry thoroughly before using your Le Creuset cookware again. If you find that these methods are not effective enough on their own, you may want to try using baking soda as an abrasive cleaner to help lift tough stains from your Le Creuset cookware. To do so, mix together equal parts baking soda and water into a paste-like consistency before applying it directly onto the stained area.

Allow this mixture to sit for half an hour before wiping it away with a damp cloth or sponge and rinsing off any excess product with warm water.

How Do You Clean the Outside Bottom of a Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet?

Le Creuset cast iron skillets can be cleaned on the outside bottom with a non-metallic scouring pad and warm, soapy water. It’s important to use only mild detergents as harsh or abrasive cleaners can damage the enamel finish. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse off any remaining soap residue and dry immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel.

You may also choose to season your skillet after cleaning in order to restore its natural protective coating of oil. To do this, rub the entire surface (including the bottom) lightly with cooking oil before heating it in an oven for 20 minutes at 250°F (121°C).


After reading this blog post, you should now be equipped with the knowledge and know-how to properly clean your Le Creuset cookware. With a few simple steps of scrubbing, washing and drying, your cookware will look as good as new again. Cleaning can be time consuming but it’s worth the effort given how long these pots and pans last when taken care of.

Not only that, having them looking like freshly purchased will give you a boost in confidence whenever you’re cooking up something special for friends or family!


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