Easily Clean Your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer

Cleaning your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer is important for maintaining performance and ensuring effective carpet cleaning. Regular maintenance extends the machine’s lifespan and improves carpet cleanliness and hygiene. This guide will help you clean and maintain your carpet washer. It covers emptying and cleaning the tanks and inspecting and cleaning important parts like the nozzle and brush roll.

We’ll also talk about how to store your investment safely. Whether you’re experienced or new to using this carpet cleaning machine, these instructions will help you maintain your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer. This will keep your carpets fresh and revitalized after each use.

What is a Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer used for?

The Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer is a versatile cleaning appliance for carpets and rugs. This machine is a must-have for homeowners and businesses. It offers many benefits beyond just cleaning surfaces.

A Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer is a strong carpet cleaner. It uses a mixture of water and cleaning solution to clean deep within the carpet, removing dirt, grime, and stains. The machine’s brushes work hard to remove embedded debris and stubborn marks from the carpet.

This carpet washer is great at removing stains. The Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer is great at removing stains from spills, pet accidents, and high-traffic areas. It removes stains and makes carpets look new.

This carpet washer cleans more than just the surface. It helps improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander that build up in carpets. Cleaning and removing these tiny particles promotes a healthier environment, especially for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

The Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer not only cleans well but also helps carpets last longer. Using this appliance regularly prevents carpet fibers from degrading due to dirt buildup. By keeping carpets clean, it saves money on replacing them early.

How to Clean Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer: A Step-By-Step Guide

The process has steps to clean all parts of the machine from dirt, debris, and soap residue. Follow these steps carefully for clean and fresh carpets.

How to clean hoover dual power max carpet washer

Step 1: Remove the Dirty Water Tank

To clean your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer, start by removing the dirty water tank. This tank collects dirty water from your carpets during cleaning. It is usually located at the front or back of the machine. To remove it, find the release button or lever that secures it to the carpet washer. Press or manipulate the release mechanism to detach the tank from the machine.

Step 2: Clean the Dirty Water Tank

After removing the dirty water tank, empty its contents. Carefully pour the dirty water from the tank into a sink or toilet. Be careful not to spill the liquid.

Now, clean the empty tank thoroughly. Clean the tank with warm water and mild detergent to remove residue and odors. Scrub the tank well to remove any grime buildup. Rinse and scrub the tank thoroughly. Check to make sure it’s completely clean, without any debris or soap residue.

Step 3: Clean the Nozzles and Brush Roll

To keep your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer working well, focus on the nozzles and brush roll. Remove the nozzle cover, if applicable. This cover protects the nozzle from dirt and debris during use. After removing, check the nozzle for clogs or debris. Clean the nozzle to avoid performance issues caused by obstructions.

Clean the nozzle with a brush or cloth, reaching all areas. A clean nozzle helps remove dirt from carpets, making them cleaner and fresher.

Now, let’s focus on the brush roll. Follow the instructions to remove the brush roll. Depending on the model, you may need to press a button or follow a specific procedure to remove it. Clean the brush roll thoroughly after removing it. Hair, debris, and carpet fibers can get stuck in the brush roll, making it less effective. Use a brush or cloth to remove particles. A clean brush roll helps clean carpets better during washing.

Step 4: Clean the Suction Pathway

To keep your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer working well, make sure to clean the suction pathway. This area is important for the machine to clean your carpets well. Ignoring it can lead to less effective cleaning.

Clean the area around the nozzle and suction pathway with a brush or cloth. These parts can collect dust, pet hair, and carpet fibers, which can reduce suction power. Check for any obstacles or debris that could block the airflow or water removal. A clean suction pathway helps carpets dry faster and removes dirt and cleaning solution efficiently during cleaning.

Step 5: Clean the Solution Tank

Now, look at the solution tank where you store the cleaning solution for carpet cleaning. Regular tank maintenance is important to avoid soap residue buildup and keep your cleaning solution effective.

Empty any leftover cleaning solution from the tank before starting. Dispose of the solution properly, following local rules.

Now, clean the empty tank thoroughly. Rinse the tank with warm water to remove the cleaning solution. Warm water dissolves leftover detergent or cleaning agents in the tank. Inspect the tank thoroughly for any soap residue or debris. A clean solution tank ensures that your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer works effectively and gives the best results for your carpets.

Step 6: Clean the Filter (If Needed)

Some Hoover carpet washers have filters to trap particles and debris while cleaning. These filters are important for keeping the machine working well and making sure your carpets are fully cleaned.

Check your manual to see if your carpet washer has a filter and how to find and clean it correctly. To clean the filter, remove it from its housing and rinse it well. Handle the filter gently to prevent damage. A clean filter keeps the air and water clean, making cleaning easier and improving air quality.

Step 7: Clean the Housing and Exterior

Pay attention to the Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer’s housing and exterior. Cleaning these parts improves the machine’s appearance and helps it last longer.

Clean the housing and exterior by wiping with a damp cloth. This helps remove dust, dirt, and grime that may have built up over time. Focus on frequently touched areas during operation, like control buttons and handles. Clean these areas thoroughly to remove dirt and bacteria.

Step 8: Put the Parts Back Together

Now, let’s reassemble your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer after cleaning and maintaining it. Proper reassembly ensures parts are in the right positions for the next cleaning session.

Reattach the nozzle cover, if it was removed. The nozzle cover protects the nozzle from dirt and debris. Make sure it’s securely fastened to avoid any interference during cleaning.

Next, reinsert the brush roll into its designated position within the machine. Align the brush roll carefully for a proper and secure fit. Check if the brush roll is locked in place. A loose or incorrectly positioned brush roll can impact the machine’s cleaning ability. Follow the instructions to properly seat the brush roll in the carpet washer.

Step 9: Reassemble and Refill

Now, focus on the tanks – the dirty water tank and the clean water tank – after reassembling the internal components.

Reattach the clean, dry tank to the machine. This tank collects dirty water from carpets during cleaning. Make sure it clicks or locks firmly to avoid leaks or spills while using it.

Next, refill the water tank with fresh water and the correct amount of cleaning solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This water and cleaning solution will effectively clean your carpets. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the right water-to-cleaning solution ratio for best cleaning results. Using too much or too little cleaning solution can affect how well the cleaning works.

Step 10: Test the Machine

Test the carpet cleaning machine on a small area before cleaning the whole carpet. Check if the carpet washer is working and if the cleaning solution is mixed and dispensed properly.

Plug in and turn on the carpet washer. Learn the machine’s controls and settings. Adjust them to your preferences and carpet needs. Choose a small, hidden area of carpet to test with the machine. This area will test how well the machine cleans and if the cleaning solution works with your carpet.

Watch how the machine works during the test run. Pay attention to how the cleaning solution is distributed, how the brush roll agitates, and how moisture and dirt are extracted. Please verify if the machine is functioning correctly and if the test results meet your expectations.

Step 11: Dispose of Dirty Water Correctly

After cleaning the carpet, dispose of dirty water and cleaning solution responsibly according to local regulations. Don’t pour these liquids into drains or the environment, it’s bad for ecosystems and water quality.

Empty the dirty water tank into a sink or toilet. Follow your local waste disposal guidelines when disposing of it. If the cleaning solution is sewer-safe, you can pour it down the drain. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations to be sure.

Step 12: Store Correctly

After cleaning and disposing of the dirty water and solution, store your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer properly. Storing the machine properly protects it from dust, damage, and extreme temperatures, ensuring it lasts longer and performs well in the future.

Unplug the carpet washer for safety. Store the machine in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight, extreme heat, or freezing temperatures. This prevents damage to the machine and keeps it working well.

Clean and dry tanks, nozzles, and brushes before storing. This prevents mold and mildew and keeps the machine clean. Secure cords and hoses to prevent tangling and damage.

Refer to your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer’s user manual for detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions. The procedure may vary slightly depending on the model.

How to clean hoover dual power pro carpet washer

What Should You Do with the Dirty Water from the Tank After Removing It?

Once you have removed the dirty water tank from your carpet washer, it is essential to handle the contents responsibly and in an environmentally conscious manner. The dirty water collected in the tank is the result of the cleaning process and may contain dirt, grime, cleaning solution residues, and possibly even allergens or contaminants. Here are the steps to properly manage the disposal of dirty water:

Firstly, take care to avoid any spillage or splashing during the removal process. Empty the dirty water from the tank into a designated receptacle, such as a sink, toilet, or utility tub. This helps contain the dirty water and prevents it from contaminating your immediate surroundings.

Next, consider the environmental impact. It is crucial to dispose of the dirty water in a responsible manner that complies with local regulations. In many cases, the dirty water can be disposed of down a household drain or toilet. However, it is essential to check your local guidelines and regulations, as some areas may have specific requirements for disposing of wastewater, particularly if it contains cleaning chemicals.

If you are using cleaning solutions that are safe for sewer systems and the environment, it is typically acceptable to dispose of the dirty water down the drain. However, if the cleaning solution used is not suitable for disposal in this manner, you may need to find an appropriate disposal location or follow local disposal guidelines.

How Can You Check for Clogs or Debris in the Nozzle and Brush Roll Area?

To make sure your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer works well, check for clogs or debris in the nozzle and brush roll area. Blockages or buildup can hinder cleaning and make your carpet washer less effective. Here’s how to do it:

Turn off and unplug the machine

Safety first. Before checking the nozzle and brush roll, make sure your carpet washer is turned off and unplugged. This prevents accidental activation while you work on it.

Use the nozzle and brush roll

Check your manual for instructions on finding and opening the nozzle and brush roll section. Each model may have different designs, so it’s important to know how your machine is built.

Clean up any visible dirt or trash

Inspect the nozzle and brush roll for debris using hands or gloves. Look for hair, carpet fibers, or foreign objects. Remove any obstructions from the components.

Inspect the brush roll

Hair and fibers can get stuck in the brush roll and stop it from spinning. You may need to release or unlock the brush roll to access it, depending on your machine’s design. Use scissors or a brush to remove any tangled material once exposed. Check that the brush roll moves easily without any blockages.

Check the nozzle

Check the nozzle, focusing on the suction pathway and its surroundings. Check for clogs or blockages that could limit airflow. Use a flashlight to see the inside better. Remove debris or clogs gently with a brush or your fingers.

Put the parts back together

After checking for blockages, reassemble any parts you removed or unlocked. Follow the instructions in the user manual to securely set everything in place.

Test machine

Plug in and turn on your carpet washer. Test the nozzle and brush roll on a small area of carpet to make sure they work correctly. Watch the machine clean the carpet with water. If it’s working fine, you’ve cleared any clogs or debris.

Regularly clean the nozzle and brush roll area of your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer to keep it working well for longer. A well-kept machine cleans carpets effectively to keep them fresh and inviting.

How should the Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer be stored after use?

Store your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer properly after use to keep it in good condition and working well for future use. Here’s a simple guide on storing your carpet washer:

Unplug and turn it off

First, unplug the carpet washer. Safety is important, so unplug it before storing to avoid accidental activation. Turn off the power switch.

Empty and clean tanks

Empty both water tanks. Dispose of water properly according to local rules. Thoroughly rinse both tanks to remove any remaining cleaning solution, dirt, or debris. Make sure the tanks are dry before storing to avoid mold or odors.

Clean the nozzles and brushes

Check the nozzle and brush roll for debris or clogs. Keeping these parts clean and clear is important for the machine’s performance. Follow the manual for cleaning and maintaining these parts.

Secure cords and hoses

Wind up the power cord and attach the hoses neatly. Secure them to prevent tangling and damage during storage. Messy cords and hoses can get twisted and damaged over time.

Choose the Best Storage Location

Find a good place to store your carpet washer. Choose a dry and cool indoor area to avoid extreme temperatures or moisture. Don’t put it in direct sunlight because it can damage the plastic and fade the finish.

Cover your carpet washer with a cloth or dust cover to protect it from dust and debris during storage. Make sure the cover has ventilation to avoid moisture buildup.

Don’t lift heavy things

Avoid stacking or placing heavy objects on your carpet washer when storing it. Weight on the machine can cause damage to the housing, internal parts, or misalignment of the brushes.

Stand up

Store the carpet washer upright for best storage. Storing it upright prevents leaks and damage, keeping it in good condition.


Check your carpet washer regularly to ensure it stays in good shape. Check for damage, pests, or any issues from storage. Detecting problems early prevents them from worsening.

Follow these storage practices to protect your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer and keep it working well for a long time. Proper storage extends the life and improves the performance of your cleaning equipment.


Can I use any cleaning solution with my Hoover carpet washer?

No, only use carpet washer solutions made for it. Hoover offers cleaning solutions that work well with your machine. Using unapproved cleaning solutions can damage the machine and void the warranty. These solutions are clean without damaging the internal components.

Can I keep my carpet washer outside when not using it?

Don’t store your carpet washer outside. Store it indoors in a dry, cool place. High temperatures, sunlight, and moisture can harm the machine, causing malfunctions and reducing its lifespan. Indoor storage protects your investment and keeps it in good condition for years.

Can I use my Hoover carpet washer on delicate or wool carpets?

Use your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer carefully on different types of carpets, including delicate and wool ones. Check your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. Test the machine on a small area first to avoid damage or shrinkage. Check your user manual for instructions on adjusting the machine’s settings for different carpets.

Do I need to clean the nozzle and brush roll after each use?

Clean the nozzle and brush roll after each use of your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer. It’s important for the machine to be cleaned efficiently. Skipping this step can cause debris buildup and clogs, which can damage the machine and reduce cleaning effectiveness. Regular cleaning keeps your carpet washer working well for consistent and effective results.

Can I use hot water in my carpet washer?

You can use hot water in the clean water tank of your carpet washer, but follow the manufacturer’s temperature limits. Hot water can harm the machine, so check the manual for temperature guidelines. Warm water is better for cleaning because it helps dissolve solutions and removes tough stains and dirt from carpets.

Should I clean my carpet washer’s filter and how often?

Cleaning the filter is important for your carpet washer. Clean the filter regularly based on your usage and when you see reduced suction power. A clean filter keeps the machine’s suction strong, removing dirt and water from carpets. Please check your user manual for instructions on how to access and clean the filter for your model.

Can I use my carpet washer on things other than carpets?

Some Hoover carpet washers have attachments for cleaning upholstery and other surfaces. Refer to your user manual to determine if your model can clean multiple surfaces and find the right attachments. Follow the instructions when using your carpet washer on upholstery to clean safely and effectively without fabric damage.

Warm or cold water for the carpet washer?

Use warm water in your carpet washer, but check the manual for temperature guidelines. Warm water helps dissolve cleaning solutions and loosen dirt and stains from carpets. Some carpet washers have temperature limits, so follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damaging the machine.

Is it safe to keep water in the tank?

Don’t leave water in the tank of your carpet washer between uses. It is recommended to empty and rinse the tank after each use. Storing a water-filled tank can cause mold and bacteria to grow, resulting in bad smells and contamination. Cleaning and drying the tank after use keeps your carpet washer clean and hygienic.

Can I use more cleaning solutions for better results?

Don’t use more cleaning solutions than recommended by the manufacturer for your carpet washer. Using too much cleaning solution can cause problems like excessive suds, which can affect the machine’s performance, leave residue on carpets, and attract more dirt. Follow the dilution ratios in the manual for best cleaning results. Using the correct amount of cleaning solution is important for effective cleaning and to avoid damage to your machine and carpets.

Final Words

To keep your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer working well for a long time, it’s important to maintain it properly. Follow the steps in this guide to keep your machine running smoothly and your carpets looking their best. Cleaning tanks, checking for clogs, and storing properly keep indoors clean and healthy. Investing in the care of your carpet washer not only maintains its performance but also prolongs the life of your carpets, keeping them fresh and inviting. Follow these tips for long-lasting carpet cleaning results.


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