Easily Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter Without Brush in Minutes

Cleaning your Dyson Airwrap filter without a brush is crucial for optimal performance. The versatile and revolutionary Dyson Airwrap uses unimpeded airflow to create immaculate hairstyles. However, dust, hair, and debris can build up in the filter, reducing its efficacy. Despite its seeming difficulty, cleaning the filter without a brush is possible with the correct methods and instruments.

Here are step-by-step instructions for cleaning your Dyson Airwrap filter without a brush. There are other approaches and practical tips for cleaning your filter and optimizing your Airwrap. For your Dyson Airwrap to last, you must know how to clean and maintain the filter.

What is a Dyson Airwrap Filter and Why is It Important to Clean It?

The Dyson Airwrap filter is essential to the styling tool that has transformed hairstyle and drying globally. This filter captures and filters dust, debris, and particles from the air before blowing them onto your hair. Its main purpose is to purify hairstyling air of contaminants that could damage or harm hair.

What is a Dyson Airwrap Filter

Cleaning the Dyson Airwrap filter is crucial for many reasons. First, a clean filter purifies the device’s air. Over time, dust and particles can block the filter, reducing airflow and styling. This can prolong styling and yield poor results.

Second, a filthy filter can damage hair. If the filter isn’t cleaned regularly, debris can fly onto your hair during styling. This can coat your hair in dust and debris, affecting its appearance and health. Clean hair is less prone to dryness, breakage, and dullness.

Neglecting to clean the Dyson Airwrap filter can shorten its lifespan. Debris can strain the motor and other internal components, causing accelerated wear and costly repairs or replacements. Regular filter cleaning extends the life of your Airwrap, maximizing your investment.

Steps to Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter without Brush

Though difficult, Dyson Airwrap filter cleaning without a brush is possible with patience. Step-by-step instructions for filter cleaning without a brush:

Materials needed:

  • Soft or microfiber cloth
  • Optional compressed air canister
How to clean the filter on the dyson airwrap

Step 1: Unplug and Turn Off Your Dyson Airwrap

Safety must come first before cleaning. Disconnect the power and turn off your Dyson Airwrap. This step is crucial to avoid electrical dangers while cleaning the filter.

Step 2: Remove the Filter

Locate the filter in your Dyson Airwrap to clean it. The filter’s placement varies by model, so check your user manual. Filters are usually located near the bottom of devices. Detach the filter carefully following the manufacturer’s directions to avoid damage.

Step 3: Shake Loose Debris

Hold the filter over a trash can and gently shake it. This removes filter dust and dirt. By doing this, you may readily remove bigger particles that block airflow and reduce filter performance. Shake carefully to avoid damaging the filter or spreading particles.

Step 4: Use a Gentle Cloth

A soft cloth or microfiber cloth is best for carefully cleaning the filter. Place the cloth over the filter and gently wipe away dust and grime. The purpose is to remove finer particles that shaking may not have removed. Pressing too hard could harm the filter material, which is sensitive.

Step 5: Optional Compressed Air

A can of compressed air can help you clean more thoroughly. Blow dust and particles off the filter with brief bursts of air while holding the container upright. This method is helpful at removing tough debris from crevices. Be careful not to overdo it, as compressed air pressure can damage the filter.

Step 6: Check the Filter

The filter must be carefully examined after cleaning. Hold it up to a light to inspect for remaining obstructions or particles. This visual inspection verifies that your filter is clean and ready for reinstallation. If you find persistent spots, use a little damp towel for a last wipe-down, but make sure the filter is dry before continuing.

7. Reassemble and Insert

Clean and examine the filter, then carefully reattach it to your Dyson Airwrap. Install it securely per the manufacturer’s directions. Plug the gadget back in and briefly switch it on after reassembly to test it. This final step ensures your Airwrap is working properly after filter cleaning.

Clean the filter regularly to keep your Dyson Airwrap running smoothly. Cleaning frequency depends on usage and environment. If cleaning gets harder or the filter stays blocked, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to replace it. This will optimize hair styling performance and air quality.

Are There More Methods?

There are several ways to clean a Dyson Airwrap filter without a brush, however, the ones I listed are the suggested ones. These methods may not be as effective as a brush, but they can help preserve your filter:

Compressed Air

A can of pressurized air can clean a filter without a brush. Short compressed air bursts over a trash can can remove dust and particles from the filter. Compressed air should be used sparingly to avoid filter damage. This procedure successfully removes loose particles that may be blocking filter passage.

Sticky Rollers or Tape

Simple home items like transparent tape or lint rollers with adhesive sheets can help clean filters. Press the tape or roller’s sticky side onto the filter and gently peel it off. This removes filter dust. Repeat until visible particles are gone. While this procedure may not be as thorough as brushing, it can nonetheless clean your filter.

Nozzle-attached Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle attachment may clean your Dyson Airwrap filter. To avoid filter damage, use the vacuum on low suction. Pick up dust and debris by slowly moving the nozzle across the filter. It may not reach all corners, but it can remove surface particles.

Water Rinse (if needed)

If you have a Dyson Airwrap with a washable filter, rinse it in lukewarm water. This procedure removes filter-attached dirt and debris well. Make sure your model’s filter is washable by checking your user manual and following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstallation for best performance.

Use Soft Toothbrush

Cleaning your filter with a soft-bristle toothbrush is delicate but effective. Use caution when applying pressure because the filter material is sensitive. Scrub the filter lightly in circles. This approach can remove dust and particles from hard-to-reach filter regions.

These alternate Dyson Airwrap filter cleaning procedures require patience and gentleness. Cleaning the filter without damaging it is crucial. Before reassembling and using your Dyson Airwrap, make sure the filter is dry. If none of these ways clear the filter, contact Dyson’s customer service or buy a new filter to retain performance.

How Should the Dyson Airwrap Filter be Reassembled After Cleaning?

Putting the cleansed filter back in your Dyson Airwrap is easy. Steps to properly reassemble the filter:

Completely Dry the Filter

Before reassembling the filter, make sure it’s dry. Avoid moisture from entering your Dyson Airwrap’s interior components, which could harm or malfunction. spot the filter in a clean, dry spot and let it air-dry. The heat from hairdryers or sunshine can damage the filter.

Correct Filter Alignment

Carefully check the filter for marks or arrows indicating reassembly orientation. Filters have precise guidelines for insertion to guarantee a snug fit. Match these indications or indicators with the filter. Correct alignment is essential for filter functionality in the device.

Return the Filter to Device

After checking the alignment, carefully slide or push the filter back into the Dyson Airwrap slot. Carefully handling the filter during this process will prevent harm to its delicate structure and mechanism. To insert the filter smoothly, apply consistent pressure.

Secure Fit

Push or press the filter gently to ensure it’s properly installed after inserting it. Correctly positioning the filter should cause a click or resistance. A secure fit prevents air leakage and instability during operation.

Check Loose Parts

Check the Dyson Airwrap for loose or misaligned pieces before using it. Make sure the filter and housing aren’t loose during reassembly. Check that all parts are properly installed and secured to protect device integrity.

Connect and Power

Plug the Dyson Airwrap back into an outlet and turn it on after reassembling the filter. Run a quick test to make sure everything works. Make sure the airflow is even and listen for any unexpected sounds or difficulties throughout this test.

These precise methods will securely and successfully reassemble the cleaned filter into your Dyson Airwrap gadget. This thorough method keeps the equipment running smoothly during your hairstyling routine and extends its lifespan.

Dyson Airwrap Maintenance for Performance and Durability

Your Dyson Airwrap is an investment in your personal grooming routine, not merely a hairstyling tool. It needs frequent upkeep to give salon-quality results and endure for years. A detailed look at each maintenance suggestion will help you keep your Dyson Airwrap in top shape.

How to clean dyson air filter airwrap

Regular Filter Cleaning

The filter protects your Dyson Airwrap from dust and debris. Maintaining airflow requires regular cleaning. Without a brush, use compressed air, tape, or a soft toothbrush to remove dust and dirt.

Empty Hair Barrel

Airwrap’s hair barrel collects hair and debris while styling. To avoid overflowing, airflow, and overheating, empty it after each usage.

Check Tangles

Before styling, check styling barrels and attachments. Getting tangled or trapped hair or debris might impede performance. Remove obstacles carefully to protect the equipment and maintain smooth operation.

Clean Barrel Style

Styling products and residue can build up on styling barrels, affecting performance and outcomes. Avoid harsh cleansers and wipe styling barrels and attachments with a moist cloth after each usage.

Store Well

Correct storage is crucial. When not in use, store your Airwrap in a cool, dry place to avoid dust and humidity. Use the storage case or wall-mounted docking station if available.

Keep Attachments

Check your attachments regularly. Replace worn or damaged shorts to maintain styling. Wipe attachments with a moist cloth to remove styling products.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Advice

Follow your user manual’s maintenance and cleaning instructions. Register your Airwrap for warranty coverage and product updates/recalls.

Needed Filter Replacement

Use and environment may require filter replacement. For maximum performance, change filters per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Take Care of Cords

Avoid kinks, twists, and damage by handling the power cable and accessories. Avoid pulling or yanking cables to prolong their life and maintain safety.

Technical troubles or performance decline? Contact Dyson’s customer support or authorized service locations for professional servicing. DIY fixes may void the warranty or worsen issues, so seek professional help.

Following these detailed maintenance suggestions will extend the life of your Dyson Airwrap and allow you to experience salon-quality hairstyling at home. As a beauty item, the Airwrap is a crucial addition to your regimen. Proper care will keep it working for years.

What are the Potential Risks of Not Cleaning the Filter Regularly?

Not cleaning the Dyson Airwrap filter regularly can cause various problems, including:

Poor Performance

A blocked Dyson Airwrap filter severely reduces airflow. This reduced airflow reduces hairstyling performance. The limited airflow in your Airwrap makes it harder to create accurate curls and waves, so it may take longer to dry and style your hair.


A clogged filter makes the Airwrap’s motor work harder to maintain airflow. Over time, motor strain can cause overheating. Overheating can harm the motor or other internal components, requiring costly repairs or replacements.

Inefficient Styling

A filthy filter can cause airflow and heat imbalance. Inconsistency can cause uneven styling by giving some hair more heat and airflow than others. You may have inconsistent curls or waves, which can be annoying and require further style to attain the desired effect.

Problems with Hair

As the filter clogs, dust and particles gather. These contaminants might be blown onto your hair during hairstyling, covering it with impurities. This causes hair dryness, breakage, and dullness. Cleaning the filter protects your hair’s health and look.

Device Life

Not cleaning the filter regularly can limit the Dyson Airwrap’s lifespan. The clogged filter increases motor and internal component duty, causing premature wear and tear. This may require expensive repairs or device replacement.

Disgusting Odors

Airwrap particles in the clogged filter may generate foul odors over time. These odors are more noticeable if the filter hasn’t been cleaned recently. This can negatively impact user experience.

Hygiene Concerns

A dirty Airwrap filter can also breed bacteria and germs, especially in a restroom. If numerous people share the gadget, hygiene concerns may arise. Clean filters regularly to keep the environment clean.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

A clogged filter reduces Airwrap energy efficiency. The device needs more power to style due to restricted airflow. This increased energy use might raise electricity bills, making the issue economic.

In conclusion, not cleaning the Dyson Airwrap filter regularly can affect performance, hair health, longevity, and user experience. To maximize device performance and reduce dangers, filter cleaning should be part of your maintenance program.

How Often Should You Clean the Airwrap Filter to Maintain its Performance?

Regular filter cleaning keeps your Dyson Airwrap running well and lasts longer. Usage frequency, hair type, and device environment should determine cleaning frequency. Clean the Airwrap filter monthly as a general rule. Sometimes more frequent cleaning is needed.

If you use the Airwrap everyday or have long, thick hair that sheds, you may need to clean the filter more often. Environmental elements like dust and smoke can speed up filter clogging, requiring more attention. Maintaining hygiene may require cleaning the filter after each usage or daily if the device is shared.

Regardless of the monthly timetable, reduced airflow, prolonged styling times, or uneven styling results indicate the filter needs cleaning. Consider adding filter maintenance to your regimen or setting reminders to keep your Dyson Airwrap running well and improving your hair’s health.


Can I use my Dyson Airwrap on wet hair?

The Dyson Airwrap goes on damp, towel-dried hair, not wet hair. Too much water can damage the device and alter styling. Dry your hair before styling with the Airwrap.

Does leaving my Dyson Airwrap plugged in when not in use be safe?

Leave your Dyson Airwrap plugged in when not in use. However, unplugging it after styling saves energy and is safe. Before unplugging, turn off the gadget.

Can I use serums or heat protectants with my Dyson Airwrap?

You can use heat protectants or styling serums with your Dyson Airwrap. Use them sparingly and evenly to avoid product buildup on styling barrels. Extreme product buildup might damage style.

What should I do if my Dyson Airwrap breaks down?

If your Dyson Airwrap breaks down, contact Dyson’s customer care or an authorized service center. Repairing the gadget yourself may void the warranty or worsen the problem.

Can I use extensions or wigs with my Dyson Airwrap?

Dyson Airwrap is for natural hair. To avoid damage, use heat-resistant extensions or wigs with it.

Are Dyson Airwrap replacement parts and accessories available?

We sell Airwrap replacement parts and accessories from Dyson. The Dyson website and authorized merchants sell these things. Make sure your Airwrap model has appropriate parts.

Can I use my Dyson Airwrap on all hair types and lengths?

The Dyson Airwrap suits all hair kinds and lengths. It has attachments and settings for straightening and curling. Try different attachments and heat settings to get the desired results.

How should I store my Dyson Airwrap to preserve its life?

Store your Dyson Airwrap in a cold, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity to prolong its life. Keep things tidy and dust-free in the storage case or wall-mounted docking station.

Can I take my Dyson Airwrap?

You can travel with your Dyson Airwrap, but check airline rules on electronic devices in luggage. The compact design and travel case (if included) make it easy to travel. If using it abroad, use a voltage converter or adapter to match the local power source.

Can I use my Dyson Airwrap on newly washed hair or should I wait till it’s dry?

In general, use your Dyson Airwrap on damp, towel-dried hair. Styling somewhat damp hair improves results and reduces heat exposure. However, damp hair takes longer to style, so finding the proper mix is crucial.

How do I clean my Dyson Airwrap storage case or travel pouch?

Wipe the storage box or travel pouch with a moist towel to clean. Avoid aggressive chemicals and abrasives that may harm the surface. Before storing your Dyson Airwrap, air-dry the case or bag to avoid moisture buildup.

Is my Dyson Airwrap safe near water, as in a humid bathroom?

The Dyson Airwrap is meant to resist moderate humidity, but it shouldn’t be used in bathrooms or other high-moisture situations. Electrical gadgets near water can be dangerous. To ensure safety, style your hair in a well-ventilated, dry location.

Does the Dyson Airwrap work with hair extensions, hairpins, and clips?

Using your Dyson Airwrap with hair extensions, hairpins, or clips is safe, however, wrapping extensions too tightly around the style barrels can cause tangling or damage. Gentle style prevents hairpins and clips from getting stuck in the device.

Can I tell whether my Dyson Airwrap filter needs replacing and where to buy it?

Having trouble cleaning the filter or a considerable drop in airflow or performance indicates that it needs to be replaced. Replacement filters are available from Dyson’s website, authorized merchants, and customer support. Refer to your user manual for filter replacement instructions.

Can I use my Dyson Airwrap on chemically relaxed or permed hair?

Dyson Airwraps are safe for relaxer- and perm-treated hair. Avoid extreme heat settings since chemically treated hair may be more vulnerable to harm. Start with lower heat settings and progressively increase to get your desired style without damaging hair.

Final Words

Maintaining your Dyson Airwrap filter without a brush is possible and essential for great hair styling. This guide provides alternate ways and tips for dust and debris removal, maximizing Airwrap performance. Regular filter cleaning improves airflow, minimizes overheating, and extends device life. For Dyson Airwrap model-specific instructions and advice, consult your user manual. With appropriate care, your Dyson Airwrap will continue to help you achieve salon-quality hairstyles and look and feel your best.


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