Easy and Quick Ways to Clean Your Corduroy Shoes

To keep your corduroy shoes looking good and feeling good, it’s important to keep them clean. People often choose corduroy shoes because they have a unique feel that people like. But if you use them a lot, they can get dirty and break down over time. Because of this, it is important to learn the right way to clean and take care of them.

Here are the steps you need to take to clean your corduroy shoes the right way. We will also give you some more tips on how to keep your corduroy shoes looking great and keeping their unique feel. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your corduroy shoes, whether you need to get rid of tough stains or just want to keep them in perfect condition.

Simple Steps to Clean Your Corduroy Shoes

Corduroy shoes should be cleaned carefully to maintain their texture and appearance. Corduroy shoes are comfortable and stylish, but they can get dirty. Here are the proper tweed shoe cleaning steps:

Materials You’ll Need

  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Mild detergent
  • Warm water
  • White vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft cloth
  • A bowl or sink
  • Cold water
  • Paper towels or a clean towel
  • Corduroy protector spray (optional)

Step 1: Remove Garbage and Loose Dirt

Cleaning corduroy shoes starts with removing dirt and other debris. Corduroy shoes collect dust and other debris like all shoes. Tap your corduroy shoes gently outside or in a well-ventilated area to remedy this. Move small rocks, dirt, and other rubbish with this simple procedure. This simple shake removes so much. This initial step improves cleaning and prevents rough pieces from wearing out your shoes faster.

Step 2: Scrub Surface Dirt

After removing loose dirt, tackle the corduroy’s stubborn dirt. An easy-to-clean or leather brush will work. Brush the top of your corduroy shoes along the cord lines with caution. This mild brushing removes dirt and other debris from cloth grooves. To keep the corduroy smooth, use a gentle brush. Avoid harsh or stiff cord brushes to maintain the shoe’s appearance. Instead, touch gently.

Step 3: Clean By Mixing

Cleaning corduroy shoes requires a light cleaner. Start with a little light detergent and warm water in a dish or sink. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals in your cleanser to protect the corduroy. Mild detergent should clean the cloth without ruining it. The solution you produce here will be your main shoe cleaner.

Step 4: Test Hidden

A patch test is essential before washing the shoe. Apply a small amount of cleaning solution to the shoe’s inner or bottom. Allow it to rest. You can be confident the soap won’t modify the corduroy’s color, bleed, or damage it with this test. You can continue cleaning if you’re convinced the solution is safe. This precaution will prolong the corduroy shoe’s life.

Step 5: Clean Corduroy Shoes

Your corduroy shoes can be cleaned after the patch test proves your cleaning solution is safe. We made soapy water in step 3. Dip a toothbrush or clean, soft cloth in. When scrubbing corduroy, follow the cord lines. Be cautious and don’t overpress to avoid tearing or flattening corduroy. Focus on filthy or damaged areas during this stage. The cleaning solution will lift dirt and grime from the cloth as you work.

Step 6: Rinse With Clean Water

Remove any soap from the corduroy shoes with a clean cloth or sponge soaked in cold water. Remove all detergent to avoid a filthy film on the fabric. The film may gather dirt and make clothes appear bad.

Step 7: Blot and Dry

After washing and drying your shoes, speed up drying. Paper towels or a dry cloth can gently remove excess water from corduroy shoes. Squeezing or rubbing the cloth might harm it. Shoe trees or crushed newspaper help shoes dry faster and retain their form. Without direct sunshine or heat, soak your shoes in a large, airy space. This lets them dry naturally.

Step 8: Restore Corduroy

Corduroy shoes may flatten after drying. Use a soft-bristle brush to gently brush them along the cord lines to restore corduroy. This rejuvenating process fluffs cords and improves shoes. Be careful not to harm or flatten the lines while brushing.

Step 9: You Can Use a Corduroy Protector

Apply corduroy guard spray to your shoes for further protection. These things prevent stains and filth, keeping shoes cleaner longer. Follow bottle instructions for optimum results. Spray a light, even coat on clean, dry shoes and let it dry before reattaching. Protective sprays help corduroy shoes last longer.

Regular care and gentle cleaning keep corduroy shoes looking their best. Depending on wear, filth, and spots, you may need to clean the garment multiple times.

Are there any Alternative Methods to Clean Corduroy Shoes?

Corduroy shoe cleaning methods vary by dirt or stain level and preference. Here are more corduroy shoe cleaning tips:

Best Ways to Clean Corduroy Shoes

1. Start With Cornstarch Or Baking Soda

If your corduroy shoes have fresh oil or grease stains, don’t worry. Cornstarch or baking soda can remove these unsightly marks easily. Both household staples absorb oil and grease without damaging corduroy.

First, gently blot the stained area with a clean cloth to remove excess oil. Sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda generously over the stain. These powders absorb well, so apply liberally. Leave the powder on the stain for several hours or overnight. The powder will draw oil from corduroy fibers during this time.

After waiting, gently remove cornstarch or baking soda with a soft brush. Brush along cord lines to avoid texture damage. You may find the stain gone or lightened. Repeat if residue remains until the stain is fully absorbed.

This method works well for fresh grease or oil stains. Powders are natural absorbents, making them gentle and safe for corduroy preservation. Oil and grease stains become harder to remove if left to sit.

2. Eraser

Corduroy shoes can get dirty and scuffed over time. These minor imperfections can be fixed with a clean art gum eraser or a suede eraser. These erasers smoothly remove light scuff marks and dirt from corduroy without damaging it.

Start by gently rubbing the eraser on the stain or scratch. Use a gentle touch and follow the cord lines. The eraser removes dirt and marks to restore the corduroy’s appearance. To avoid flattening or damaging corduroy, avoid excessive pressure or rubbing.

To preserve texture, fluff the cords with a soft-bristle brush after the eraser treatment. This method is great for minor surface blemishes, so your corduroy shoes can look their best.

3. Steam Clean

Beyond brushing and spot cleaning, corduroy shoes with heavy dirt or odors may benefit from a thorough cleaning. A handheld garment steamer can help. Steam loosens dirt and grime and deodorizes fabric.

Hold a garment steamer a few inches away from the shoes and gently steam the corduroy, moving the head evenly. Steam moistens cords, making dirt and odor removal easier. After steaming, air-dry shoes at room temperature away from direct heat.

To restore texture, brush the cords in the lines with a soft-bristle brush after the shoes dry. This method works well for heavy-use corduroy shoes that need a deeper clean.

4. Mild Soap And Cold Water

You can use cold water and a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo to clean without detergents. It’s ideal for cleaning dirt and stains without affecting the corduroy texture.

Start by mixing a little mild liquid soap or baby shampoo with cold water in a container. The water should be cold to avoid fabric damage. Be sure to dissolve the soap in water to make a mild soapy solution.

Wring out a clean cloth or sponge in the soapy solution until it is damp but not soaking wet. Move along the cord lines to gently blot and clean stained corduroy shoes. This gentle method removes dirt and stains without damaging texture.

Remove any soap residue from shoes with a clean, cold cloth or sponge after cleaning. This step eliminates soapy residue that can damage corduroy. After rinsing, air-dry shoes at room temperature away from heat.

After drying your corduroy shoes, use a soft-bristle brush to gently brush the cords in the lines to revive their texture. This method is ideal for cleaning and maintaining corduroy shoes, preserving their fabric and unique appearance.

Additional Tips: Maintaining the Elegance of Corduroy Shoes

Comfortable and chic, corduroy shoes are a wardrobe staple. Thorough and delicate cleaning is essential to maintain their condition. How to clean corduroy shoes was covered earlier. We now discuss more corduroy shoe care tips.

Fighting Hard Stains

Corduroy shoe stains may resist ordinary cleaning methods. A simple yet efficient approach can remove tough stains. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a container. Dip a clean towel or sponge into this vinegar-water solution to absorb it. Use a cloth or sponge to lightly blot the stubborn stain without scrubbing. This method works well for spills, dirt, and liquid stains. To remove vinegar residue, rinse the area with clean water after blotting. The fabric must be completely dried before wearing shoes again. This procedure is efficient and eco-friendly for eliminating stubborn corduroy shoe defects.

Do Not Soak Corduroy Shoes

Due to its texture, corduroy is susceptible to dampness. Never wet corduroy shoes when washing them. Soaking can harm shoe fabric and construction. Waterlogged corduroy loses its texture and weakens shoe adhesive. Shape deformation or sole difficulties may result. Spot clean with a moist cloth or sponge to avoid this. Cleaning your shoes effectively while preserving their integrity requires a specific technique.

Regular Upkeep and Security

Maintaining and protecting your corduroy shoes regularly is one of the best ways to keep them looking good. To avoid grime, use a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt and debris. Consider buying a corduroy protector spray to prevent stains and dirt. These protective sprays prevent persistent stains and facilitate cleaning by creating a fabric barrier. Protector sprays work best on clean, dry shoes when applied according to the instructions.


Can I machine-wash corduroy shoes?

Avoid washing corduroy shoes in the machine. The corduroy fabric might lose its texture and damage the shoe’s structure from vigorous spinning and water exposure. Corduroy shoes should be hand-cleaned gently as instructed in the cleaning guide to maintain their beauty and durability.

Can I clean corduroy shoes with an ordinary brush?

Cleaning corduroy shoes with a harsh brush is risky. Stiff brushes can flatten or damage corduroy cords. A soft bristle or suede brush is best for cleaning and restoring corduroy without damaging its texture.

How often should corduroy shoes be cleaned?

How often you wear corduroy shoes and their conditions determine their cleaning frequency. After spills or apparent dirt, spot clean as needed. However, occasional deep cleaning and care should keep your shoes looking their best.

Are there stain-removal alternatives to white vinegar?

White vinegar removes stains, but lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide works too. Naturally effective stain removers. To avoid corduroy shoe yellowing, patch test first in an inconspicuous place.

Can I speed up drying with a hairdryer?

Avoid using a hairdryer or direct heat on corduroy shoes. High heat can shrink and destroy corduroy. Natural room-temperature air drying is best for shoes.

How can I prevent corduroy shoes from getting soiled in the first place?

Preventing stains starts with preventative actions. Applying a corduroy protector spray can build a barrier on the fabric, making it more resistant to stains and grime. Regularly brushing your shoes to remove surface debris and handling spills promptly can also assist in preventing discoloration.

Can I clean corduroy shoes that are labeled “dry clean only” at home?

If your corduroy shoes have a “dry clean only” label, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions attentively. Attempting to clean them at home may risk ruining the fabric or structure. For these shoes, consider taking them to a professional cleaner specializing in fabric treatment.

Are all corduroy shoes water-resistant?

Corduroy shoes may or may not be inherently water-resistant. Some may have water-resistant coatings, while others do not. Applying a corduroy protector spray can strengthen their water resistance and provide further protection against moisture.

How can I prevent corduroy shoes from fading over time?

To prevent fading, take care to preserve your corduroy shoes away from direct sunshine while they are not being worn. Sun exposure over time can cause colors to fade. Additionally, keeping regular cleaning and preservation regimens will go a long way in protecting the brilliance of the fabric.

Can I use conventional shoe cleaning chemicals on corduroy shoes?

Using normal shoe cleaning chemicals on corduroy shoes can be dangerous. Many of these items include powerful chemicals that could destroy the delicate corduroy fabric. It is important to use gentle cleaning procedures and solutions specifically developed for corduroy to guarantee the fabric remains in peak condition.

Final Words

Finally, after putting you through the painstaking procedure of cleaning corduroy shoes, we hope you now feel competent to maintain the elegance of your footwear. Corduroy shoes offer a unique blend of flair and comfort, making them a beloved addition to any outfit. By following the procedures provided in our article, you can preserve the corduroy texture and ensure your shoes continue to make a statement.

Remember, taking proactive methods such as frequently brushing off debris, treating spills promptly, and spraying corduroy protection spray can go a long way in extending the life of your shoes. These processes not only maintain the aesthetic appeal but also safeguard the fabric’s integrity. With careful care, your corduroy shoes will be a stylish and comfortable choice for years to come.


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