Easily Clean Your Dooney and Bourke Purse: 9 Quick Steps

Dooney & Bourke purses must be cleaned to maintain their beauty and longevity. Dooney & Bourke purses are durable and luxurious, made of high-quality fabrics. However, daily use can dust, soil, discolor, and wear these treasures. Cleaning your Dooney & Bourke purse regularly is essential to keeping it in top shape.

This detailed guide will teach you how to clean and maintain your Dooney & Bourke pocketbook. We will teach you how to maintain your purse, remove tough stains, and handle different materials to keep it looking great for years. These ways will restore the shine and beauty of your leather, fabric, or other accessory.

What is a Dooney and Bourke purse?

Fashion lovers covet Dooney & Bourke purses. Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke formed Dooney & Bourke in 1975 to make this handbag. For its superb craftsmanship and classic designs, Dooney & Bourke purses are synonymous with elegance and excellence.

For different likes and needs, these handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Their high-quality leather, cloth, and metal are signatures. Full-grain cowhide leather purses by Dooney & Bourke are noted for their durability and luxury.

Their rigorous attention to detail, superb stitching, and unique design elements like the duck insignia have made Dooney & Bourke purses famous. Their classic and contemporary handbag collections include totes, satchels, crossbody purses, and wallets for varied occasions and tastes.

Style and utility distinguish Dooney & Bourke purses. With well-designed pockets, compartments, and organizing features to keep your essentials organized, these handbags are stylish and functional.

How to Clean Your Dooney and Bourke Purse: A Comprehensive Guide

The workmanship and timeless appeal of Dooney & Bourke purses are legendary. They’re stylish and quality investments. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep them beautiful for years. Cleaning a Dooney & Bourke purse can be easy with the appropriate approach. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide will clean your treasured purse:

How to clean a dooney and bourke leather purse

1. Get Supplies

Before cleaning, you must have all the supplies. Gather the following:

  • A soft, lint-free cloth
  • Mild soap or leather cleaner
  • Distilled water
  • A soft-bristle brush
  • Leather conditioner
  • Cotton swabs
  • A clean, dry cloth for drying

These items will speed up the cleaning process and help you remove stains and imperfections.

2. Set Up Your Workspace

The correct workplace is essential for cleaning your beloved Dooney & Bourke purse. Choose a clean, well-lit table or countertop to work on. Lay down a soft towel or cloth to cushion and protect your pocketbook. This prevents scratches and damage when cleaning. De-cluttering your desk lets you focus on the task at hand, making cleaning more efficient and productive. A tidy workspace helps purse cleaning succeed.

3. Empty Your Bag

Carefully emptying your Dooney & Bourke purse is essential before cleaning. It’s methodical since you should check every pocket and compartment. Removing everything lets you clean every corner of your backpack. It also protects your things during cleaning. Slowly check each pocket and organize your items as you remove them. This procedure prepares your purse for a thorough cleaning, assuring its finest condition.

4. Dust and brush

After emptying your Dooney & Bourke purse, focus on the exterior. First, lightly dust and brush your bag. This procedure is essential because it eliminates surface dust, filth, and debris, which can cause premature wear and dullness.

Makeup brushes or leather brushes with soft bristles are ideal for this task. The gentle bristles prevent leather damage while working. Seams, nooks, and crevices collect filth, so pay care. You might be shocked at how much dirt can gather in neglected spots.

Brush gently and sweepingly. Take your time and apply light pressure. This meticulous method avoids harming leather or pushing trash deeper into nooks.

5. Inconspicuous Testing

A spot test in an inconspicuous location is required before cleaning your Dooney & Bourke purse. This precaution ensures that the cleaning solution won’t damage or discolor the leather.

Select a concealed or less obvious part of your purse, such as a strap underneath or lining corner, then moisten a small soft cloth with your mild soap or leather cleaner. Gently wipe this damp cloth on the chosen area and wait a few minutes to see the results.

If your cleaning solution doesn’t cause color bleeding or leather damage, you can safely clean your purse. This spot test is easy but essential for preserving your Dooney & Bourke bag.

6. Clean Exterior

After taking precautions, clean your Dooney & Bourke purse’s exterior. This is essential for restoring and protecting the bag’s elegance.

  • Choose the Right Cleaning Solution: Prepare a leather-cleaning solution. In a basin, mix distilled water with a little mild soap or leather cleanser. Use a mild combination without harsh chemicals that could damage leather.
  • Dampen Cloth: Soak a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge in cleaning solution. Important that the cloth is damp but not soaking. Water may damage leather and taint it.
  • Gentle Circulation: Use the moist towel to gently wipe your Dooney & Bourke purse in a circle. Work from the top down to cover the entire outside. Focus on noticeable stains, scuffs, and spots. The circular action gently lifts dirt and dust off leather.
  • Removing Hard Stains: Apply somewhat greater pressure for persistent stains or discolorations without damaging the leather. For targeted locations, use a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution. Patience is crucial; many gentle passes may be more beneficial than intense scrubbing.
  • Drying and Conditioning: Air-dry your purse after washing the exterior. Heat and intense sunlight can damage or discolor leather. Apply a leather conditioner after drying to nourish and protect the leather. Rub a little amount of conditioner onto the bag’s exterior in a circular motion, focusing on dry areas like handles and corners.

7. Clean Inside

Cleaning the interior of your Dooney & Bourke purse is just as important as the exterior for aesthetics. It keeps your bag and valuables clean and hygienic, extending their lifespan.

  • Remove Loose Waste: Empty your purse before cleaning. This is vital because it lets you reach all your bag’s corners. Clean each pocket and container of loose dirt, crumbs, and dust.
  • Finding the Right Cleaning Method: The interior cleaning technique varies on the lining material. Avoid hurting your fabric or fabric-lined purse by being gentle. Cleaning fabric inside with a moist towel and mild soap and water. But leather-lined interiors can be cleaned with the same mild soap and water mixture as the exterior.
  • Wipe Surfaces: Gently cleanse pockets, compartments, and the lining with a clean, moist cloth or sponge. Be careful, especially with fabric linings, as dampness can discolor or harm them.
  • Addressing Stains and Odors: Use a handbag odor-neutralizing spray or fabric stain remover to clean your purse. Read the product directions and spot test in an inconspicuous location to guarantee it won’t damage the lining.
  • Restoring and Drying: Dry your Dooney & Bourke purse interior with air after washing. This procedure is essential to prevent bag mold or mildew. Leave the bag open in a well-ventilated, shaded place. Once dried, reorganize your stuff within.

8. Condition the Leather

After cleaning your Dooney & Bourke purse inside and out, pamper the leather. Leather needs conditioning to be supple and last longer.

  • Finding the Right Leather Conditioner: Choose a high-quality leather conditioner for your leather kind. Full-grain and patent leathers have different needs. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to use the right product.
  • Applying Conditioner: Apply a little conditioner on a clean, dry cloth. Circularly brush the cloth on your purse’s exterior. Pay attention to handles and corners that may dry or crack. Circular motion helps conditioner permeate leather and nurture it.
  • Time for Absorption: After application, let the conditioner sink into the leather for the indicated time on the product label. This takes many minutes to ensure the leather absorbs moisture and nutrition.
  • Polishing with Buffing: After absorption, gently buff your bag’s outside using a clean, dry cloth. This stage removes excess conditioner and gives the leather a beautiful gloss.

Like water for your Dooney & Bourke purse, leather conditioning revitalizes and maintains its appearance. Well-conditioned leather resists cracking, dryness, and environmental damage.

9. Final Touches and Storage

After meticulously cleaning and conditioning your Dooney & Bourke pocketbook, there are some final procedures to keep it in top shape. First, gently rub the exterior of your bag with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess conditioner and give it a polished look. This process finishes your purse, making it look new.

Make sure your freshly cleaned purse is dry before storing it. Avoid direct sunshine and heat to protect it in a well-ventilated environment. Maintaining your bag’s form and quality requires proper storage. Keep it in a dust bag while not in use to avoid dust and filth. These finishing touches and correct storage can keep your Dooney & Bourke pocketbook attractive and well-maintained for years.

Finally, cleaning a Dooney & Bourke purse requires care and the right tools. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your purse and keep it looking great. To keep your beloved purse in perfect shape for years, examine the manufacturer’s care instructions or hire a professional cleaner.

Are There Other Ways to Clean My Dooney and Bourke Purse?

Yes, there are different ways to clean a Dooney & Bourke purse, depending on the material and level of cleaning needed. Consider these extra cleaning methods:

How to clean a dooney and bourke canvas purse

1. Wet or Baby Wipes

Wet wipes, or baby wipes, are inexpensive and flexible cleaning products that can clean anything, including your Dooney & Bourke purse. These wipes are easy and gentle for minor surface stains and debris. However, using them carefully and choosing the right wipe is essential.

Unscented, alcohol-free baby wipes or wet wipes. More moderate and less likely to contain strong chemicals that could damage your handbag. To avoid side effects, try a small, inconspicuous section of your bag before using them.

Gently rub the afflicted area with baby or wet wipes in a circle. This removes dirt and stains without damaging the surface. After wiping out residue with a clean, moist towel, air-dry the bag.

Baby wipes are easy for light cleaning, but they may not work well on stronger stains or dirt accumulation. For these cases, consider alternative cleaning methods or a professional cleaner.

2. White Vinegar Solution

White vinegar is a natural and cost-effective way to clean leather Dooney & Bourke purses. This approach removes light stains and dirt accumulation, but it must be applied carefully to avoid harm.

Mix equal quantities of white vinegar and water to make a solution. This mixture cleans leather gently. Test the solution on an inconspicuous part of your purse before starting to verify it won’t discolor or damage the leather.

After checking for safety, dampen a clean cloth with white vinegar. Wipe your purse’s exterior gently, focusing on stained areas. The vinegar’s acidity dissolves dirt and stains.

To remove vinegar residue, wipe the handbag with a moist cloth after cleaning. Dry the bag before storing or using it. Avoid drying the purse in direct sunshine or heat sources to avoid leather cracking or fading.

The white vinegar treatment works for many leather Dooney & Bourke purses, but not all leathers react the same. Some leathers are acid-sensitive, so be careful and heed the manufacturer’s care recommendations.

3. Baking Soda or Cornstarch

If you have oil or grease stains on your Dooney & Bourke purse, cornstarch and baking soda can help. These absorbent powders remove oily residues without harming most materials.

Start by finding the purse stain to apply cornstarch or baking soda. Then, generously sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda on the discoloration. Let it sit for many hours or overnight if the stain is obstinate.

The powder will absorb oil or grease and discolor throughout this time. A good sign that it’s working. Remove extra powder with a brush or shake after waiting. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove residue.

Be careful when applying these powders to colorful or delicate materials—they may lighten or leave a residue. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first to guarantee no side effects.

In a pinch, cornstarch and baking soda can remove oil stains quickly. For more serious or complex stains, professional cleaners can utilize specialized methods and solutions to remove them without damaging your pocketbook.

4. Deleter or Leather Cleaner

An eraser or leather cleanser can revive your Dooney & Bourke purse, especially if it has scuff marks, tiny stains, or dirt. Leather purses benefit from this easy but effective procedure for rejuvenating their appearance.

Scuff marks or stains on leather can be carefully erased with a leather care eraser. This removes imperfections without damaging leather. Remove the eraser residue with a clean, dry cloth.

If your pocketbook needs deep cleaning or has ingrained stains, a leather cleaner is ideal. These cleansers gently remove grime and stains without damaging leather.

Be sure to follow leather cleaner directions. A damp cloth containing the cleanser is used to gently wipe down the bag’s outside, then remove any residue with a clean towel. To keep the leather soft and shiny, add a leather conditioner after cleaning.

Test an eraser or leather cleaner in an inconspicuous part of your pocketbook before using it more widely. This prevents the cleanser or eraser from damaging the leather’s color or texture. Erasers and leather cleansers may easily and precisely restore your Dooney & Bourke bag.

Remember that these alternate methods’ efficacy depends on your purse’s material and the stain or grime. Exercise caution, spot test when unclear, and follow manufacturer care recommendations if available.

Maintenance Tips for Your Dooney and Bourke Purse

Maintaining a Dooney & Bourke or other high-quality handbag will keep it looking wonderful for years. Tips for maintaining your Dooney & Bourke purse:

How do you clean a dooney and bourke purse

Regular Cleaning

Dooney & Bourke purses need regular cleaning to appear their best. Dust and debris can dull the surface. To maintain its appearance, wipe the purse with a clean, dry cloth or soft brush. For deeper cleaning, use a damp, lint-free cloth or sponge with mild, soapy water. Test a tiny, inconspicuous area first to avoid damaging the material.

Leather Care

If your Dooney & Bourke pocketbook is leather, nourish and protect it. Leather conditioners and creams can prevent dryness and cracking by keeping the leather supple. Avoid excessive moisture and humidity, which can cause mold and mildew in leather purses. Store it in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight when not in use.

Stain Removal

Spoils and stains are inevitable, so clean them up right once to avoid permanent damage. To absorb as much discoloration as possible, gently wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Dooney & Bourke purse care guidelines will help you eliminate stains without damaging the material.

Check the hardware, zippers, and closures of your purse often to ensure they are in good shape. Wear and tear can damage these parts. Repair loose stitching and damaged hardware immediately to prevent further degradation.


Proper storage is essential for purse quality. To protect your Dooney & Bourke purse from dust and light, put it in a dust bag or pillowcase. Hanging it by the straps can stretch or deform them.

Avoid Overloading

Avoid putting too much weight in your purse. Heavy loads can weaken straps and ruin structures. To preserve the purse’s shape, distribute your items equally.

Color Transfer

If your purse has contrasting hues, be careful when matching it to outfits. Dark garment dyes can stain purses. To avoid color transfer, use a purse organizer or lining.

Rotate Purses

If you collect purses, rotating them every day enhances their life and lets you clean and check them. This prevents purse overuse.

Professional Cleaning and Repair

A high-end handbag leather cleaner or repair specialist should be consulted for substantial cleaning or damage. They can diagnose and treat your Dooney & Bourke purse’s troubles.

Remember that regular care keeps your Dooney & Bourke purse looking good and lasting long. Following these recommendations and taking care of your purse can let you enjoy it for years.

What are Some Common Materials Used in Making Dooney and Bourke purses?

Dooney & Bourke purses are made of high-quality fabrics and come in a range of styles. Common materials for Dooney & Bourke purses include:


Dooney & Bourke is known for its full-grain cowhide leather purses. Full-grain leather is beloved for its durability, natural texture, and luxury. It patinas beautifully, giving the handbag character.


Fabric purses by Dooney & Bourke are durable and attractive. Woven fabrics like cotton canvas, nylon, and others are examples. Fabric purses are adaptable and suited for many occasions.

Exotic Skin

Dooney & Bourke makes luxury purses from exotic animal skins like alligator or crocodile. The texture and appearance of these unusual materials are unique.

Coated Canvas

Dooney & Bourke purses often use coated canvas. It blends canvas durability with a stain- and moisture-resistant covering. Coated canvas purses often have brand logos and patterns.


In some Dooney & Bourke purses, suede is softer and velvetier. Suede is delicate and requires care, yet it lends luxury to some fashions.

Pebbled Leather

Pebbled leather has a rough surface like pebbles or grains. It’s popular for Dooney & Bourke purses because it adds aesthetic flair and resists scratching.

Synthetic Materials

Dooney & Bourke sells PVC and polyurethane purses in addition to natural ones. These materials can be cheaper without sacrificing brand appeal.

The purse’s collection and style determine its material. Dooney and Bourke uses these materials with great craftsmanship and attention to detail to create attractive, long-lasting purses.


Can common home cleaners clean my Dooney & Bourke purse?

Dooney & Bourke purses shouldn’t be cleaned with household cleaners. Most household cleaners include harsh chemicals that can damage high-end purse leather and fabric. Chemicals can remove leather from its natural oils, causing dryness, cracking, and discoloration. Use a gentle soap or purse leather cleaning instead. These products are clean without damaging the material, keeping your purse in great shape.

Should I condition my purse even if it’s not dry or damaged?

Yes, treating your purse prevents leather damage and prolongs its life. Even if your purse doesn’t look dry or damaged, leather can lose moisture from humidity, sunshine, and air conditioning. Conditioning replenishes moisture and prevents harm. It keeps leather supple, avoids splits, and extends purse life. Like hydrating your skin, it’s essential to leather upkeep.

Do Dooney and Bourke patent leather purses have maintenance instructions?

Yes, patent leather needs specific maintenance to stay shiny. Cleaning patent leather with a moist towel and mild soap and water. Wash the surface gently to remove dirt and stains. Avoid overwatering to avoid water spots. Patent leather should also be kept out of direct sunshine and heat to avoid cracking or discoloration. Keep your patent leather purse cool, dry, and protected with a dust bag.

Should I hang my Dooney and Bourke purse by its straps when storing it?

Not recommended: hanging your purse by its straps for long durations. The bag’s weight and contents can stretch and deform the straps. This can cause strap abnormalities and purse pain. Your purse should be stored flat or on a shelf with support and a dust bag to prevent dust and light damage. If you wish to hang it temporarily, use a padded hanger to equally distribute the weight over the straps.

Can I remove pen stains from my purse’s fabric lining?

Ink stains on fabric linings are difficult to remove. Stain removers for cloth may work depending on the ink and fabric. The stain can be treated with a fabric stain remover according to the directions. Be careful, as forceful stain removal can occasionally backfire. Being careful with pens and other leaking objects in your purse will help prevent such stains.

Should I store my Dooney and Bourke purse in a climate-controlled environment?

Keeping your handbag in a climate-controlled setting is desirable, but not always achievable. Extreme temperature changes can damage your pocketbook. Leather can dry out or crack and materials can disintegrate if you store your purse in extreme heat or cold. A cold, dry, and well-ventilated area is enough for most purses. In harsh climates, consider a closet or storage place that is less subject to temperature extremes.

Can I fix my leather purse’s tiny scratches?

You can fix minor leather purse scuffs and scratches yourself. Apply leather conditioner after carefully washing the area. Conditioning the scuffed or scraped area can sometimes reduce the markings. Use a leather repair kit or purse-colored leather touch-up pen for deeper scratches. Be sure to follow product instructions. For more serious damage or deep scratches that can’t be mended at home, seek a leather specialist or handbag repair service. Complex repairs without the right knowledge and tools might increase damage.

Does my purse have any home treatments for odors?

There are some home cures for purse odors. An open box of baking soda or activated charcoal in the purse for a day or two works. These absorbents remove odors. You can also keep crumpled newspaper in your handbag overnight. A newspaper can absorb bad odors. For persistent odors, try handbag-safe fabric deodorizing sprays. Letting your purse air out in a well-ventilated environment will also eliminate odors.

Should I spray my Dooney and Bourke purse with leather protectant?

Add protection to your purse with a leather protectant spray. These sprays prevent stains and dampness. However, you must choose a handbag-specific product and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure your leather protectant matches your purse’s leather kind. Leather maintenance requires frequent conditioning to maintain its natural oils and suppleness.

Can I machine-wash my fabric-lined Dooney & Bourke purse?

Fabric-lined purses should not be machine-washed. The intense agitation of washing machines can damage the fabric lining or purse structure. Instead, spot-clean the lining with a moist towel and mild detergent. For further cleaning, hire handbag maintenance specialists. The skill and tools to clean and protect the delicate lining without damaging your pocketbook.

Final Words

Cleaning and preserving your Dooney & Bourke purse is a labor of love that pays handsomely. This comprehensive guide will help you preserve the beauty and functionality of your beloved handbag for years to come. Regular cleaning, appropriate storage, and rapid stain removal keep the purse appealing, while following manufacturer instructions protects your investment. Whether your Dooney & Bourke purse is made of leather, cloth, or another material, proper care will keep it looking great so you can enjoy its elegance and design again and again.


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